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We are the community driven bridge for swedish scale ups to launch, accelerate and scale in Bangladesh.

We empower founders to go from local to global faster.

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Go 🌎 global faster

We empower founders to launch and scale their business in new markets together with local partners and talents on the ground.

  • Services tailored to Your business

    Our teams will collaborate and set a scope, budget and go-to-market strategy for Your business.

  • Local team and expertise

    We will help you navigate sales, marketing and legal and empower You with access to a curated pool of resources.

  • Enablers and partners

    We will connect You to the right partners in the ecosystem so that You can accelerate Your growth and avoid common pitfalls.

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Why Bangladesh?

🇧🇩 Bangladesh is the 8th most populous country and GDP has normally grown at 8-7% in the last few years.

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Scaling glocally

Sweden ranks consistently among the most innovative countries in the world and boasts an unrivalled startup ecosystem.

  • A lot of unicorns...

    Sweden has the most unicorns outside of Silicon Valley. Sweden is the home of Spotify, Klarna, Truecaller, Oatly, Northvolt, H&M, IKEA, Skype, King, Dice and many more innovative companies.

  • World class technical expertise

    The Swedish ecosystem has a unique mix of founders, investors and talents who have incubated and scaled world class tech companies.

  • Smart capital and large exits

    Our network of experienced investors can help to accelerate and scale at different stages.

The time has come for Bangladesh to conquer its place on the global scene and reach its full potential. I am proud to launch this initiative together with a dream team that is passionate and driven.

Mizanur Khan


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